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A Moveable Feast

The possibility to experience AR flights. Anywhere on the globe

Our gaming tech

The plane we have been building is a solid instrument, but what makes it valuable are different game scenarios that leave the door open for various activities. We set up our prototype to make these experiences more exciting and accessible in any corner of the world, be it mountains or sea shores.

An unique gaming experience

Geo-based Scenarios

Every gaming scenario is created for a specific location with attention to details of landscape

Gaming Interface

Our tech gives you the ability not only to play, but to create new scenarios and share them with the world

A mixed reality

Have an out-of-body experience with a little help from low-latency high-resolution video and interactive AR elements

Multiplayer Mode

Turn a field trip with friends into fascinating races or intense air battle

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How It Works

We transfer digital video to goggles via ground station, which is connected to portable AR computer