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We love flying

And we are dedicated to enabling everyone to try it

Up In The Sky

We are the people of very different personalities, interests, and skills, united by a passion for flying, and a desire to create a new sensation that can be shared with other people. Our dream is to open a sky for gaming, where first person flights would become a new sport with millions of followers.

Yes, We Can

What really drives us as a team is a desire to create a whole new experience and share it with people. We dream this to become a new extreme sport that will find it's champions and followers. The plane we have been building is a solid instrument, but what makes it valuable are different game scenarios that leave the door open for various activities. We set up our prototype to make these experiences more exciting and accessible in any corner of the world, be it mountains or sea shores.

We want you to decide whether it should be calm and playful, or fast and thrilling. And in order to give these opportunities, we also promise it to be safe and smart, so you can experiment like we did and share with other people.
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Dmitry Nazarov
Founder & CEO
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Alexey Korchagin
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Eugene Labinsky
COO & Design
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Stepan Drunks
Industrial Design
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Evgeny Ivanov
CFO & business systems deploy
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Mihail Kuchinskij
Co-founder & Talent Management
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Vyacheslav Letov
Content Production
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Grigorii Gusarov
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Vitaly Ignatenko
Event management
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Yury Shinkarev
Chief Pilot
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Anton Korzh
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Rita Nefedova
Product Design
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Nickolay Epihin
Supply Chain Management
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Nickolay Udin
Industrial Designer

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